How to Assemble PDF Sewing Patterns - the Fast Way!

Posted by Natasha Tung on

Hi everyone! This is Nat here from AusChick Sews. Over the years, I've learned a whole bunch of methods for assembling PDF sewing patterns, including trimming the side with my paper trimmer, or taping the pattern pages up to a sliding door window. Both these methods work great, but today I'm going to share what I think is the fastest way! 

1. Using scissors, cut each pattern page corner off at a 45° angle, cutting right up to but not beyond the black page border. In most cases, there's no need to cut the corners that don't join another page. 

2. Align the pages at the corners, and tape or glue together (I only put tape inside the pattern pieces, rather than taping the entire page edge down).

3. Transfer any notches that have been hidden by the overlapping paper (in some cases you may need to just trim some edges to reveal the pattern lines underneath). 

And you're done! Cut out your pattern pieces and go sew up a new outfit!


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