What is the best way to store my Peony Patterns PDF files?

There are many storage and cloud based programs that allow you to store PDF files in a safe and secure way.

Some of the most popular are directly on your computer, and backed up on a cloud based program such as Dropbox, Apple Ibooks or Google Drive. These programs allow you to save a copy of your PDF that can be easily accessed and also read from a device while sewing. There is no need to print out the tutorial section - save a few trees! This is also handy when shopping to easily refer to fabric requirements.

All of the PDF's purchased will also be saved in your own personal account (if you choose to create one) on the Peony Patterns website, which you can access and download when needed. A 10 limit download automatically applies, however we can reset this for you at any stage - just email customer service if you do use more than your 10 initial downloads. Updates to patterns previously purchased will also be stored in your account so you will always have access to the most up to date version!