How do I print my Peony Patterns PDF file correctly?

When a Peony Patterns PDF is purchased, a download link will appear on the screen of the device being used and also the same link will be sent via email. Click the link and download the pattern to save it to your device.

To print the pattern at home, a printer is required and you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This software is available free, and the latest version can be downloaded for PC or Mac directly from the Adobe website. 

Once the software is installed, open the PDF pattern in Adobe Reader. Select Print from the File menu. The dialogue box will appear - depending on your printer's software it may be slightly different than the example used below, however it will include the same basic options.

  • Printer Scaling: Ensure that the scaling is off and that ''Actual Size / 100% Print Scale'' is selected  - this will allow the pattern pieces print at their full and correct size. To turn off the scaling you will likely need to deselect "Fit to Page" or "Scale to Fit".

  • Page Size: There is also a check box labelled "Choose paper source by PDF page size". Ensure this is left un-checked, otherwise the printer may detect the wrong size page and may cut off either the top and bottom or right and left sides of the page.

It is recommended to print the first page of the pattern pieces only, which includes a check square in inches and centimetres. Measure this square, it should be exactly 2’’ x 2’’ or 7cm x 7cm. It the square does not measure exactly, check the print scaling section to ensure the settings are correct.

Once the test page has been correctly printed, print the pattern pages indicated in the pattern, for the options being sewn. Layers may also be used to print individual sizes, detailed information on printing in layers in included in the pattern.

To print the pattern at the copyshop, use the A0 sized files included in the download. Ensure the copyshop being used prints the file at 100% Scale/Actual size and does not use the ‘’Scale to Fit’’ or ‘’Fit to Page options. Check the test square measures correctly.