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Hi everyone!  It's Tash and Chelsea here from Peony Patterns to chat to you today about a fabric base called 'Cotton Sateen'  - not be confused with it's slippery cousin, Satin!

We are featuring a gorgeous mid-weight cotton sateen from one of our fave fabric suppliers - Hawthorne Supply Co. The design is by Indy Bloom and is part of the  Summer Sunshine range. Chelsea made her daughter our Hyacinth Dress in the Sunflowers in Teal print.
Tell me more about Cotton Sateen...
  • Cotton sateen is a woven cotton fabric with a smooth, glossy and soft to touch right side. The wrong/under side is matt. 
  • Sateen is produced by the warp yarn pattern of four over and one under compared to a standard weave of one over and one under. This pattern means that the fabric is very strong and durable. Perfect for kids wear as we know they can be quite hard on clothing!
  • Due to the way cotton sateen is processed, it makes it very susceptible to the dying and printing process. This means brighter colours which is exactly what we want when creating some fun, fresh outfits for our kids!
  • It's a sturdy fabric, but still drapes nicely too. Many of the Peony styles call for a deep hem, this is an ideal fabric type to use as it sits so beautifully.
  • It's less prone to wrinkles (winning!) and really nice to wear, as it is a breathable fibre.
  • Hawthorne's Cotton Sateen can be ordered in 44" to 56" wide designs. We love the wider fabric width options!

Preparation and Sewing Tips:
  • It is really up to you if you choose to pre-wash your fabric. We do recommend giving your fabric a wash and dry when using fabric to make garments, treat it as you would the finished item. 

       -Machine wash cold, gentle cycle
       -Wash with like colors using phosphate free detergent
       -Do not bleach
       -Choose a larger load size to prevent creasing
       -Tumble dry low, remove promptly or line dry
       -Warm Iron

  • Needle size - for a medium weight sateen, a size 10 universal needle  should do the job nicely!

We absolutely love using this base for kids clothes, and love all the gorgeous ranges available over at  Hawthorne Supply Co.  Pop over to their site to take a look!

Happy Sewing,
Tash and Chels x

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