Adding Trim with a Finished Edge to a Flutter Sleeve

Posted by Natasha Chrismas on

Do you ever wonder how to finish/attach the ends of scalloped piece of lace or trim when you are creating a flutter sleeve? Perhaps you're adding a second layer and not sure how to finish it nicely?

It is actually really easy with a few simple tricks! Firstly, lay the trim out flat.

Place the straight edge of the pattern piece over the finished edge of your trim and cut to shape.

Sew a line of gathering stitches around the curved edge.

 Gather the trim, and attach to the garment being sewn.

If you are using a smaller trim  that is less wide than the pattern piece, or even as a second layer to a flutter, simply curve the ends of the trim using the flutter piece as a guide. Cut the curve towards the scalloped edge.

Sew a line of gathering stitches around the curved edge and attach the the garment.


Pretty! Now the scalloped edge is tucked nicely into the finished seam of the garment.

Happy Sewing!


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