Peony Patterns Costume Party 2022 - Cartoons, Comics & Anime! - Day 2

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We're back with a second day of incredible costumes from the amazing sewing team at Peony Patterns! I'm Nat from Auschick Sews blog, and I can't wait to share today's roundup of incredible Halloween, Book Week, Dress Up and Cosplay costumes!

Today, I'll be sharing costumes representing characters from all your favorite cartoons, comics and anime shows! If you missed yesterday's projects, check out our Movies, Fairytales & More costumes over here

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(P.S. we have lots more photos in the Peony Patterns Facebook Group!)

Strawberry Shortcake

Laura Hilton (@LittleBonnieBelle) has done it again with this BERRY sweet collection of Strawberry Shortcake and friends! Every year she likes to make a group costume for Bonnie (centre) and some of her friends. Strawberry is a favorite of hers and luckily the girls were very willing to jump on the Berry Sweet Express!

Tips from Laura: Have fun! I used the look of the vintage shortcake crew to inspire my own slightly update looks, but pulled elements from the past. For example, the 1980 Blueberry Muffin had blue checker print so I pulled that in with the blueberry print as a nod to the original. Look for prints and textures that feel nostalgic.  


Patterns Used:

Strawberry is Jasmine, with Gardenia ties and a little apron added to the skirt.

Blueberry Muffin is Posie.

Raspberry Tart is Jasmine.

Lemon Meringue is Poppy.

Apple Dumplin' is the Honeysuckle Romper bodice with Lilac shorts and 1/4" elastic sewn to the leg openings.

Fabric: Mostly from Hawthorne Supply co. Lace and trims are from Farmhouse Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn. The red with seed dots, blueberries, and lemon prints are all Rifle Paper.

Tiffany Radford (@tiffanyradford) also created Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin for her girls! She remembers her grandma reading the vintage Strawberry Shortcake books to her as a child and loved them! When her daughter was little, she watched the DVD over and over until it didn't work anymore! Now that her eldest is 10, she's not really into ruffles anymore but will make an exception for a costume!

Patterns Used:

Strawberry Shortcake - Honeysuckle with elastic ruffle sleeve hem. She also added a ruffle to the skirt. Apron - Verbena pinafore. The patchwork was applied with Wonder-Under and hand-stitched.

Blueberry Muffin - Hyacinth with Honeysuckle sleeves + a ruffle. She created a double skirt for fullness - the top blue layer has an added band on the bottom to incorporate more of the print. The under-layer just allows the white ruffle to peep out.

Fabric: JoAnn & Hobby Lobby


There's clearly something about Strawberry this year, and our third collection comes from Erin Shoemaker (@yuuki_co_)! 


Erin created Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Dumplin' as a tribute to her mother, who made the same costumes for Erin and her sister when they were kids. We love this adorable set!

Patterns Used:

Strawberry Shortcake - Honeysuckle with apron added

Apple Dumplin' - Jasmine Romper

Fabric: Spotlight Australia

My Little Pony

We're continuing our throwback to the 1980s with this adorable set of costumes Lindsay Jones (@twin_needle_sewing) created for her twin girls!

Aren't they just soooo cute?!


Rainbow Dash is a combination of the Gardenia bodice, Myrtle sleeves, and a Juniper/Freesia mash for the skirt. The ruffles on the Gardenia bodice were modified with scalloped edges to give the look of pony wings. Then, strips of rainbow solid fabric were sewn together prior to cutting the Myrtle sleeves. Lastly, the Juniper maxi length skirt and dress length Freesia skirts were combined to create a cascading high-low dress. Vertical gathering stitches were sewn on each solid stripe and pulled to match the front skirt length creating the look of a rainbow tail.

The Twilight Sparkle dress is made from the Honeysuckle bodice and a single Freesia skirt plus a quarter panel to imitate Twilight's tail colours. 

All of the fabrics are Kona cotton solids from Hobby Lobby. The “cutie mark” emblem on the bodice was added using heat transfer vinyl.


Magic School Bus

Kara Dorion (@karascolourfulcreations) was so excited to find the perfect fabric for a Ms. Frizzle costume for her daughter! 

She used Lantana in knit rather than woven, eliminating the full length placket, changing it to a Henley placket instead. She sized down in width to account for the stretchy knit fabric.

Fabric: French Terry, Ponte (Fabrications, Ottawa ON)



Jenna Belcher (@gatorgal417) created this fabulous Olive Oyl for her daughter using the Gardenia pattern! Jenna is expecting a new baby in December, who she plans to name "Olive", so this will make the perfect hand-me-down!

To create this dress, she simply extended the ruffle all the way around the front neckline and added a yellow ribbon trim to the skirt.

Fabric: solid quilting cotton (Hobby Lobby)


44 Cats

Kidipique (@kidipique) created this cute Millady costume for her daughter! 

She shortened the Tigerlily top and added a waistband, and for the Lilac shorts, she removed the paper bag effect by shortening the waistband height.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey, glittery denim (Quartier des Tissus, France) 


Spider Man

Heather Fletcher (@fletchercustomsewing) used Calendula to create a Spider Girl costume for her daughter! Such an easy to create dress with hardly any mods - and such fabulous impact!! She used two layers of tulle and a knit underskirt. 

Fabric: Knit, tulle (JoAnn)



Nat Tung (@auschicksews) - Well, yours truly decided to create a costume this year too! My youngest is big into Bluey, so when I stumbled upon a similar creation on Pinterest, I thought I could easily pull it off with the Posie Dress! I traced out a full bodice lining template, then sketched the applique design over the top. I then attached most of the appliques with Wonder-Under and a satin stitch. I highly recommend putting some tear-away interfacing (or paper) underneath as you stitch the appliques down to prevent distortion in the fabric. Also, you should do what I didn't do... and stay stitch your curves! My daughter hates buttons, so I swapped out the back placket for an invisible zipper.

Fabric: Quilting Cotton (JoAnn)


Come on Barbie let’s go party! Ashton Metz's @ashton_blayke daughter is obsessed with being a “Barbie” girl, so she created this dress for her to live out her dreams. She chose the traditional “Barbie” pink and added the black & white stripe for the vintage Barbie feel.

Patterns: Myrtle dress + Powderpuff Pettiskirt with added tulle

Fabric: Ruby Star collection “Camilla”, Tula Pink “tent stripe” (Sew Vac City, TX)



How fabulous is this Pikachu costume by Daniela (@avieebby)! Averlie (the model) has recently taken an interest in the Pokémon series and Pikachu is her favorite character from it. Daniela thought it would be a fun and unique costume that would challenge her to try something new.

This is all Wattle! Daniela self drafted the tail, ears and stripes on Pikachu’s back.

Fabric: Cotton Lycra (Oh So Pretty Custom Fabric),  EVA foam, 16 gauge wire and polyfil (Hobby Lobby).

Daniela's tip: Be prepared for trial and error, especially if you aren’t used to cosplay pieces/material. There are several ways to attach tails and YouTube has plenty of awesome tutorials! For ease of washing, I chose to use kam snaps for the tail but magnets are also another awesome way to make a tail removable. And to make the tail and ears, I’d recommend doubling up on the Eva foam/wire.

Allison Peters (@riversandroadsclothing) created Lilly from Pokémon. She knew nothing about this Pokémon character when her daughter asked to be her, but she asked and Allison created!

To create this costume, she used a sleeveless Camellia, adjusted the collar with a point in the front and flap in the back, and two skirts with scalloped hems.

Fabric: cotton batiste (

Sam Goldberg made Ash Ketchum/Ashley Ketchum/Ash's long lost twin sister! Her daughter is also obsessed with Pokemon and always upset that there's only "boy" versions of her favorite character, so making her a more feminine version was a lot of fun.

She used Lantana for the cropped jacket and Apple Berry for the shirt and skirt. For the jacket, she made it per the pattern and just excluded the skirt portion. She shortened the button band to fit the new length and only used one button on the top. She opted not to interface the collar because Ash's collar isn't particularly structured. For the skirt, she color-blocked the waistband to look like it had a belt and buckle with belt loops. 

Fabric: solid quilting cotton, cotton Lycra


Maria Luísa Santos (@3emlinha) created Misty from Pokemon for her daughter!

The bottoms are the Lilac shorts with suspender buttons added to the inside. She used Tigerlily for the top making the armhole two sizes bigger for added flare.

Fabric: Tencel, jersey (local shop in Portugal). 

Emélie Chevrette (@memelouve) also created Misty but for her toddler! She used the Daffodil diaper cover and tee with very few modifications. Such a cute, simple to create outfit, with big impact! 

Fabric: Cotton Lycra Jersey (Non Non Oui, Canada)


We'd love to see whatever DIY creations you come up with using our patterns, so please share them in our Facebook group or Instagram! It's always so wonderful seeing everyone's creativity - whether you're a total beginner or a pro! And don't forget to take advantage of our SALE! Get 30% OFF all patterns until September 11, 2022. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see our gorgeous collection of Disney Princess inspired costumes!


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