Apple Berry Skirt with Embroidered Daisy Pockets!

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Hey Friends,

This is Jess from Mcmamamade and I wanted to show you how to add these adorable embroidered Daisy dress pockets to your free Appleberry Skirt pattern.

My daughters love pockets in their dresses and skirts for hiding all their treasures and I love adding embroidery to personalize all of our makes so I knew the Daisy pocket would be a perfect addition to the vintage length skirt.

First you’ll need the Daisy Dress pocket pattern piece for the size skirt you are making. Cut 2 mirrored pockets for your skirt. For this one I added the Sunflower Embroidery pattern. It’s drafted to look like a little bouquet of flowers peeking out of the pocket!

Preparing the Embroidery

1) Once your pocket pieces are cut out, you’re going to use the pattern piece to draw in the pocket area so we can see where to place the embroidery. Lay your fabric right side up and place the curve of your pocket pattern piece over the opposite side of your pocket. Trace the curve of the pocket.


2) Now we will add the seam allowance. Since the pocket is attached to the front skirt piece, to get our embroidery to “peek out” of the pocket we have to subtract where the seam allowance will be because the pocket will actually end lower than this line. Using a ruler, measure 1/2” (1.3cm) below the line just drawn. Measure at several points around the curve and redraw the curve of the pocket.



3) Using whatever embroidery transfer method you prefer, place your pattern so the stems end touching or just below this new line. You’ll repeat these steps for the other pattern piece making sure to create mirror images of your pockets!


Assembling the Skirt

1) Using the front skirt piece from the Apple Berry Skirt pattern, you’re going to follow the Daisy dress pattern instructions for placing the pocket. Because we want the embroidery to show, you’ll place the pocket piece and the skirt piece right sides together at the curve.

2. Complete the pocket construction following the steps in the Daisy pattern. Flip your skirt piece right side up to reveal your bouquet of sunflowers! You can now finish assembling your Apple Berry skirt as normal!

The Daisy pockets are perfect for showcasing any of Peony’s smaller embroidery designs or highlighting coordinating fabrics for your Apple Berry Skirt. One of my favorite shops for beautiful wovens is Alyssa May Design. She has lots of gorgeous options for all your Peony sews! You can follow my work on Instagram at



Happy Sewing!


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