Peony Patterns Costume Party: Day 3 - Princesses Part 1

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“Oh, it's a beautiful dress! Did you ever see such a beautiful dress? And look! Glass slippers. Why, it's like a dream. A wonderful dream come true.”
- Cinderella

It's time for another roundup of fabulous costumes! If you've missed our earlier posts, you can catch up with Day 1 - Movie and TV themed costumes, and Day 2 - Disney movie themed costumes. We continue to be speechless at the incredible talent from each sewist in our team! Many of these costumes are easy modifications from the original pattern, and we hope you're inspired to create your own memorable DIY costumes for your kids! 

Today we have lots of beautiful princess costumes to share with you - each one created using at least one Peony Pattern. So pop away your broom, put up your glass slippered feet, and read along! 


Amber Campbell (@smileysuestudio) knocked it out of the park with her "everyday Cinderella" and Ugly Stepsister dresses! To create Cinderella, she used the Periwinkle bodice and circle skirt with the 3/4 length sleeves from Wattle. Amber also used elements of the Gardenia sash for the apron. This was a really easy project - something a beginner could make, or a super quick last minute costume! 

Fabric: Cotton Lycra (

To create Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine, Amber used the Honeysuckle bodice, Daisy sleeves with 2" added to the folded edge, and Ivy skirt maxi length using the width of the fabric.

For the hip poufs, she cut a Periwinkle size 3 skirt without the waist cut out, then finished the straight edge, gathered the round edge and attached it to the bodice.

Fabric: Satin and flannel backed satin (JoAnn)



Tammie Schaefer (@sewing_4_sanity) mashed the Jasmine bodice with Ivy maxi skirt to create this gorgeous Cinderella ball gown! She doubled the width of the skirt to accomodate a store bought hoop underneath and self drafted the hip poufs. We love her use of trims and sparkles on this one! 

Fabric: Casa satin and sequin satin (JoAnn)


Grace Elliot (@craftadon) created her version of Cinderella's ball gown using the Marigold dress. She decided to use a knit for this one, so she omitted the back placket and tightened the shoulder elastic. A double layered tulle Powderpuff was a perfect addition to the skirt! They plan to head to Disneyland soon, so her new dress will get lots of use!!

Fabric: Cotton Lycra solids (


Sara Jean (@Sarandipity_sews) sewed this adorable Cinderella ball gown for her daughter! She also used Marigold, moving the placket to the back, and extending the bodice to the Ivy length. Sara used the Ivy maxi skirt, doubling the width of the tulle layer underneath, and cutting a slit in the center front of the outer layer. She used two half Gardenia skirts for the hip poufs. 

Sara suggests making the sleeve memory folds before adding the tulle overlay, and singing the edges of cheap satin to prevent it from fraying.

Fabric: Satin, tulle and trim (JoAnn)



Daniela Garcia (@Avieebby) was inspired by Camilla Cabellos' portrayal of Cinderella in the new 2021 live action remake. She loved that she wasn’t willing to compromise on who she was for anyone and hopes her daughter remembers this: that she can do anything or be anything that she wants.

Daniela used the Jasmine dress as her base, taking the bodice in a little, shortening the sleeves, shortening the skirt for a more vintage feel, and added a pettiskirt underneath to give it some volume.

Fabrics: Linen for the bodice, Swiss dot for the sleeves and vintage brocade for the skirt. (Tip: use silk pins or clips to minimize damage to your delicate fabrics!)



Cinderella was obviously a favorite in our tester pool, with Candice Schoffstall (@cmschoff) also drawing inspiration from the new Cinderella film. She and her daughter have both gained more confidence with their fashion designing passions since watching the movie!

Candice used Gardenia, slightly raising the back bodice neckline. She made a second Gardenia for the corset, adjusting the necklines and hemlines to match the shape of the dress in the film. She split the bodice in the back, adding a corset closure rather than buttons. The sleeves are from the Jasmine dress, shortened to be elbow length. Candice also cut a keyhole in the sleeve and added bias to have a tied arm. 

Fabric: Cotton (Hobby Lobby)


And not to be left out, Candice also created a Gus costume for her baby!! So adorable!! She used the Buttercup romper and just added a fuzzy belly appliqué. She also used Waratah bonnet without a lining. Candice hand drew mouse ears to the size she wanted, then applied them to the seam between the side and middle panels. She drew a mouse tail and attached it to the back. We love it!

Fabric: Flannel and sherpa (JoAnn)

Snow White


Candice Schoffstall (@cmschoff) certainly kept herself busy, creating a Snow White costume to match her daughter's new haircut as well! 

She used Daisy and only modified the sleeves and the length of the dress. She shortened the sleeves by 3 sizes, cutting them into 3 pieces and sewing red 2"x8" rectangles between each panel.

Fabric: Linen/Linen blend (JoAnn)


Special delivery!! Jodie Pascoe created this gorgeous Snow White costume for Chelsea Schwark (@Rowanelise_handmade), express mailing it all the way from Australia to the USA! This sweet dress is a combination of Jasmine with Hyacinth armbands. Powderpuff is used to give volume in the skirt. 

Fabric: Velveteen, tulle & chiffon


Samantha Thoms (@Wrapped_in_wonder) used Iberis with Hyacinth sleeves to create her version of Snow White! This was her first time making a Snow White dress and we know her daughter will love it for a long time!

Fabric: Satin and chiffon (Spotlight)



Dilmi Perere's (@Daisydoo_Handmade) seven year old daughter has wanted a Rapunzel dress for a long time, so this was the perfect opportunity to make her dreams come true! Dilmi used the Periwinkle dress with Daffodil sleeves to create this look. 

Fabric: Spandex (Boo Designs, Remnant Warehouse)


Alicia Lockhart (@a_sew_sew_mama) sewed this beautiful Rapunzel dress for her little one, who is obsessed with the songs from the film! 

She used Jasmine, adding an overlay on the bodice to make the criss cross corset look. She sewed strips of fabric together to make the sleeves striped, and used a tulle overlay in the skirt. 

Fabric: Cotton, Tulle (Tulletastic)

Floral Princess


Erin Dunn (@littlebubboo) created this gorgeous floral princess dress for her daughter. The use of floral mesh on the sleeves and overlaying the dress is just breathtaking! 

Erin used the Marigold dress with upsized Jasmine sleeves. She added extra length to the skirt to increase the volume, layering with tulle and horsehair braid.

Fabric: tulle, homespun (Spotlight)

Rainbow Brite


And not technically a princess, but perhaps a princess to some, Laura Hilton (@littlebonniebelle) once again outdid herself with this Rainbow Brite dress! When she was a little girl, her mom made her a Rainbow Brite costume for Halloween so she's always wanted to make one herself! She used Honeysuckle with shortened ruffles and pieced together cotton Kona fabrics to create the rainbow effect. 

Fabric: Kona cotton (Hobby Lobby)

Thanks for reading along today! We hope you find something to inspire your Halloween, Book Week and Spirit Day events - or even just for adding to the dress up box! Come back again tomorrow to see MORE gorgeous princess dresses our testers have created! And be sure to join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram to see more photos of these fabulous outfits!



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