Adding a Lining to a Skirt

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Hi Everyone, it's Hanny from @Hanhsew with you today on the blog talking about how to add a lining to a skirt, which is particularly helpful when you are working with a sheer fabric. There are several ways to do this, such as attaching a skirt lining to the lining of the bodice and having two separate skirts, or a quick and easy method such as this method where we will be combining the lining and skirt as one. 

I have always loved to sew with cotton but this time I challenged myself to use different fabric to create a special look. I felt in love with this light green stretchy lace from The Remnant Warehouse, but it's sheer, so I used satin to line the whole dress. In today post, I'm going to share how I add the skirt lining to my Gardenia dress.

  1. Cut the skirt pieces as per the pattern instructions. Cut an extra set of skirts to form the skirt lining, the same width as the main pieces but cut the length shorter by approximately 1-1 1/2 inches.

  2. Sew the back and front skirt pieces, right sides together, overlock or zigzag the raw edges. Fold the bottom raw hem up 1/2 inch, press, then fold it up another 1 inch and edgestitch in place.

  1. Repeat step #2 to prepare the skirt lining.

  1. Place the lining inside the main skirt, with the right side of the lining touching the wrong side of the skirt.

  1. Make sure to match the side seams  of the skirt for even gathering later on! Pin in place.

Optional step: Set your machine to the longest stitch setting and sew a row of basting stitches 1/4 inch from the top raw edge of both skirt's layers to secure.

  1. Prepare the skirt placket. You'll be sewing the placket through both main and lining layers.

Follow the instructions to create the skirt placket in the pattern, there is also a handy video available on how to construct a placket here*Note: To make it easier, I usually baste the two layers together to prevent fabric from slipping while I sew the placket.

  1. The skirt placket should look like this.

  1. Set your machine to the longest stitch length setting, sew 2 parallel rows of basting stitches through both layers of the skirt. Gather as instructed in the pattern.

  1. Turn the skirt wrong side out, place the bodice inside the skirt, right side together. Match the side seams, and distribute the gathers evenly. Pin in place, sew to secure, overlock or zigzag the raw edge.

  1. Here is a close up photo of my skirt with the lining attached.

Happy sewing!! 


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