Peony Patterns Costume Party: Day 1 - Movies & TV

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"Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh my!"

Wizard of Oz costumes - back view

Welcome to the Peony Patterns Costume Party!!

We've had so much fun behind the scenes creating some incredible costumes, which will totally blow you away! But the best part? YOU can recreate these looks! Each of our testers has used at least one Peony Pattern to sew up an outfit that will inspire you with your own DIY Halloween, Book Week or Spirit Day makes!! 

For the next five days, we'll be sharing a daily roundup of our pattern testers' projects - and with over 50 costumes, there's bound to be a few to get your creative juices flowing! 

Today we're off to the MOVIES! (And there's a little bit of TV thrown in as well!). So, brew a pot of tea or a cuppa coffee and prepare to be inspired! 

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz costumes

Laura Hilton (@LittleBonnieBelle) blew us away with her take on Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion! She picked this adorable costume collection so her daughter, Bonnie, could dress up with her friends. 

Dorothy: Jasmine Dress with modified skirt. Shantung and Swiss Lace from Farmhouse Fabrics

Lion: Periwinkle Dress with self drafted tie on collar. Knit ribbed velour and fuzzy felt from Hobby Lobby.

Tinman: Posie Dress. Silver chiffon lined with gray batiste from Hobby Lobby.

Scarecrow: Poppy Dress with store bought top underneath. Quilting cotton and trim from Hobby Lobby.


Isn't this Glinda the Good Witch dress just perfectly dreamy? Natalie Johnstone (@autumnandpoppy) received a Glinda Barbie Doll from her dad when she was little, and wanted to challenge herself and her sewing skills by recreating it for her daughter! 

Nat used the Jasmine Dress, lengthening the skirt, and adding a sash to the bodice. The dress bodice and lining is 100% linen (from Dizzy Daisy Fabrics), with gorgeous soft tulle from Annie Lane Boutique. Can you believe this was her first time sewing TULLE?! She suggests you just give it ago and not be afraid to try new things! 


Becky Taylor (@georgia_kates) also created a magical Glinda costume! How gorgeous is the fabric she chose, the scalloped hemline, and that beautiful crown! (crown made by her amazingly talented mom!). Becky's daughter wanted a big pouffy princess gown, and selected this beautiful pink special occasion tulle. Becky suggested Glinda to her, and with client approval, set to work creating this masterpiece from the Sage dress pattern! She modified the neckline, added length and extra width to the skirt, and put a hoop skirt underneath. Since the tulle won't fray, Becky just trimmed the edge with scissors to achieve the scallop effect. The dress is lined with satin, and the sleeves are sewn from bridal tulle. 



Bec Smith of @twice_loved_creations always astounds us with her gorgeous creations and her take on Thor is no exception! 

She used the Ivy dress pattern, slightly widening the straps, and adding a tulle overlay to the skirt (learn how to add a tulle skirt here). She drafted the silver appliqué on the bodice to represent Thor's chest plate, and self drafted the cape, attaching it to the straps with snaps. 

Fabric: Cotton poplin & silver Lycra stretch for the bodice. Lining fabric for the cape. Cotton poplin and soft tulle for the skirt. (All fabric from Spotlight)

Greatest Showman


We love this showstopper Greatest Show-woman costume from Heather Chisolm (@maesstitches)! Heather used the Honeysuckle bodice, omitting the elastic in the sleeves. She used the circle skirt from Wattle, starting with a size 12 length and created a high-low effect by sweeping up to a size 6 length in the front (her daughter normally wears a size 6 height). She added an additional size 14 half panel into the very back of the dress, and gathered the back skirt section between the bodice side seams. 

Fabric: Classic Sportswear Stretch Sateen 98% cotton and 2% Spandex (JoAnn). Gold filigree (JoAnn). Bodice trim and buttons (Walmart).

Heather's advice: Altering a pattern takes time and thought. It's best to create a sample first and see what works best. Creativity is a process and your options are always endless! Enjoy the process and if it doesn't work the first time just try again.


We just LOVE how Beverley Cliff (@madeforlydi) transformed the Buttercup Romper and Daffodil Tee into a Minion, something she knew her daughter would easily recognise! She made the front pocket slightly bigger and embroidered a G for "Gru" on the front. Beverley also redrafted the Daffodil Tee to remove the shoulder gathers and narrow the sleeves. 

Fabric: Denim chambray from Sew Essential and cotton Lycra from UK Stretch Fabrics.

The Addams Family

Jess Lea's ( daughter has certainly got the Wednesday Addams look down! To create this costume, Jess used the Honeysuckle dress with a simple bodice (lining pieces for both lining and main) and the Posie collar. 

Fabrics: lace and crepe satin fabric (Mondial Tissus, France)


BJ Benson (@thesocialitesewist) created the cutest Pebbles we've ever seen! Pebbles' sweet personality and petite size reminded her of her daughter. To create this look, she used the Wattle top (shortened slightly) in a custom Cotton Lycra paired with the Daffodil bloomers (Linen, JoAnn). 

Sailor Moon


Bree Why (@kitsukurou.handmade) is a long time anime fan, so when her daughter (Artemis) asked if she could make her a Sailor Mars costume, she was delighted to oblige! 

Using Hyacinth as her base, she self drafted an add-on to the collar to make it a full sailor collar. She changed the bodice waistline to come to a point in the middle, used the Marigold circle skirt and Wattle sleeves. To create the bow in the front, she just used the sash from Gardenia - she found it just a little short, so be sure to make a sample from scrap fabric first to confirm the length you need.

Bree encourages everyone to experiment! You'll be amazed what you can make if you change just a few things about a pattern you already love.

Fabrics: white rib knit (bodice), Kona cotton (collar and skirt) - Hobby Lobby.

PJ Masks


Calling all heroes! We love how Joy Shrode (@sewforsije) transformed the Wattle Dress into Owlette, just by picking the perfect colors and pairing with tulle underneath! Joy sewed up the dress in Cotton Lycra, creating an underskirt in knit lining with a tulle skirt attached to the lining about 2" down from the waist. The cape and mask are store bought, and she added heat transfer vinyls onto the sleeves and bodice. Joy has been super busy creating costumes - you'll get to see her THREE amazing looks this week! 



The character, Gabi, in the new film Vivo, sings about marching to the beat of her own drum, reminding Kassy Klinefelter (@kassyskreations) of her own daughter's creativity and spunk! She had fun creating this costume with Hyacinth, pleating the skirt rather than gathering it, flaring out the collar before the tie, and piecing two different fabrics to match the outfit in the movie. She used Hyacinth for the vest as well, sizing up two sizes and using just the bodice pieces. Kassy self drafted the hood and pockets. Her daughter will have so much fun wearing this one!

Fabric: stretch denim (upcycled jeans), plaid & gingham (vintage), pink poly cotton (Zincks). 

True and the Rainbow Kingdom


We love how Tricia Miramontes (@sewing4em) combined Lily bodice and skirt with Posie collar and Hyacinth sleeves, to create this adorable True costume for her daughter! She made a slight V at the center front bodice waistline, and before cutting out the fabric, aligned the collar with the bodice, slightly modifying the neckline so they would be compatible. 

Fabric: Quilting cotton (JoAnn)


We hope you've been thoroughly inspired by our talented testers' creations! Be sure to join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram to see more details on the costumes we've shared today, and to share your own makes! 



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