Happy New Year - Happy New Sewing Room!

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With the start of the new year, I was desperate to move my sewing set up out of the garage and into our spare room in the house. Going from the large garage space, down to a small room, meant there really was a need to trim my sewing supplies down to only the things I would use, and not hang onto for that day in the future when I 'might' need it. I spent the first few days of 2022 going through years and years of accumulation: trims I might use 'one day', fabrics I loved once... you know what i'm talking about - all the stuff! I made piles and bags of things to give away, and a few bigger items I listed on local pages to sell. There was only one item that I would have loved to have kept: my super large cutting table. But alas, no space for that in the house!

After spending some time configuring the desks and working out the most ideal layout, I started moving in and slowly found a place for each item. I thought I'd  share some pics of my room in the hope that it will inspire you, and I'd LOVE to hear your organisational tips and tricks - feel free to share them in our sewing group on Facebook!

Cutting Table

This is now my cutting table (albeit a lot smaller) and also my shared space for my Cricut Maker.  (aff. link)  One of my goals this year is to use the Cricut Maker more... I definitely have not used its full potential!


Over the years, I've tried a lot of different brands' cutting tools, and I definitely have some favourites - LDH scissors (based in Canada, but ship worldwide) are my go to for everything! I love their weighty shears - they're perfect for cutting out patterns, and I use the rotary cutter for cutting out skirts. I use the snips everyday for trimming threads - I love the quality of their products and they have stood the test of time.

Pattern Weights

These little Foxglove & Field pattern weights are as pretty as they come, but they are HEAVY - take it from me, you don't want to drop one on your toe! These are shipped out of England and are available in so many sweet designs - if you love Liberty Fabrics then you will be sure to find a set you like! 

Label Jars

I have had these little jars for years now and use them to store my size labels in, but you could really use them for any kind of small item storage for the sewing room! 

Pattern Storage

Usually I trace out my patterns onto pattern card (also called "tagboard" or "oaktag"), and pop them on a pattern hook and hang them. This method was especially useful when I had my handmade sewing business and used the patterns over and over, as you can easily trace around the size you need and the patterns last a very long time. You can find pattern card and hooks at most sewing wholesale places, or sometimes fabric stores.

Fabric Storage

I did spend some time folding my fabrics nicely onto the bookshelf. I measured the depth and width of the shelves and created a cardboard template to fold the fabrics around to keep them looking uniform! Hopefully I can keep them this organised all year!!!

Sewing Tools

I keep all my favourite sewing tools right beside my sewing machine in my handy thimble organiser (aff. link). These are my most used things like unpickers (seam rippers), scissors, bodkin etc... all within arms reach!

I can't wait to hear all about your sewing room organisational tips - join us in the Sewing Group to share yours!  

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