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For our April Meet the Maker blog we meet the lovely Tricia Miramontes and gorgeous girl Noemi! Tricia has been an awesome testing team member since we launched in 2020 and you will find many photos of her daughter on our website and in our sewing group. You can follow more of her work on Instagram @sewing4em

Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I'm Tricia from Fresno, California. I'm a single mom to Noemi (6) and 3 dogs. I'm a 6th grade teacher by day, which I love (most of the time, haha), but there is little that makes me happier than sewing and getting to photograph my kid in the clothes I've made for her.

How did you learn to sew and when?
Right after I had Noemi, I fell in love with kid's clothes. I told my then husband that I wanted to start my own kid's fashion line. He replied, "How are you going to do that? You don't even know how to sew." So naturally, I decided to prove to him that I could do whatever I wanted. Thanks to the University of YouTube and Professor Pinterest, I taught myself to sew. I never did start that fashion line, but I sure do love this hobby.

What is your favourite type of fabric to work with?
I'm honestly torn! There are things I love about both knit and woven. I find my kid gets more wear out of knit, but there is just something about a beautiful woven dress.
Whats your favourite Peony make to date?
Oh man...I've loved all of them, but I think the solid green Daisy I made during testing is still one of my absolute favorite sews ever.
What are your sewing goals for 2021?
I primarily sew for Noemi, so one thing I'd like to do this year is sew some cute stuff for myself.

What sewing tip have you learned along the way that you use all the time?
I go through Wash Away Wonder Tape like craaaazy. I use it to hold so many things together...knit hems, binding, waistbands, zippers, etc.

What is your biggest sewing achievement or challenge to date? Tell us about it!
I was super proud of myself when I made my little's Miraculous Ladybug costume this Halloween. It was a spandex unitard with a zipper and I felt extra accomplished.

What advice would you give to someone learning to sew?
Don't give up! There are so many helpful resources out there and the facebook sewing community is wonderfully supportive and inspiring!

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