Peony Patterns Costume Party 2022 - Disney Princesses - Day 3

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We're back with a third day of beautiful costumes from the talented sewing team at Peony Patterns! I'm Nat from Auschick Sews blog, and I can't wait to share today's roundup of incredible Halloween, Book Week, Dress Up and Cosplay costumes!

Today, I'll be sharing costumes inspired by everyone's favourite Disney princesses! If you missed yesterday's projects, check out our DIY Cartoon, Comic & Anime Costumes over here

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(P.S. we have lots more photos in the Peony Patterns Facebook Group!)


I think we've all seen that meme - you know the one with Cinderella (actress: Lily James) walking down the stairs and the caption, "You sew right? Can you make me this for $50?" Well, I'm fairly certain Bec Smith (@twice_loved_creations) will confirm that this is a "no," however when a daughter hounds you, sometimes you just have to deliver! 

She used a lengthened and reversed Marigold bodice and created a front point. She narrowed the sleeves so they'd sit under the neckline ruffle, split the bodice to create a corseted look, and added in a Juniper elastic casing piece in the back, with a tie up ribbon feature. She used the Juniper length and waist measurements to create two underskirts. Bec recommends lots of patience, careful sewing, and a sharp needle for this project!

Fabric: cotton lining, organza, silk butterflies, ruffled organza (Fabric Trims); cotton, soft netting, cotton, organza (Spotlight)

Sarah Dingman (@DapperDimples) created a beautiful dress for her Cinderella obsessed daughter too! She used the Gardenia bodice with ruffled sleeve, and lengthened the Freesia skirt. She added free-handed hip swags and bodice detail.

Fabric: polyester satin, star sparkle pleated net overlay, taffeta lining (JoAnn)

Kimberly Seegmiller (@seegmiller_sews) stunned us all with this reversible Cinderella dress! One side is the "maid" and the other is Cinderella's pink dress! Check out our Instagram reels this week for the video! 

She used Verbena as her base, adding a self drafted apron to the maid skirt as well as flat piping and baby Bluebell bows to the pink skirt. Both undershirts are Apple Berry tops with Wattle sleeves.

Fabric: poly/cotton broadcloth (Hobby Lobby); double brushed polyester (JoAnn); upcycled pink shirt.

Noel Tierney (@noeltierney24) used Dandelion to create a pink Cinderella dress for her daughter! Her little one loves princesses and fancy dresses and needed something extra special for Disneyland. We think this one will be a huge hit with the Cast Members!


Beauty and the Beast

Elise Sullivan (@ThatsSewJack) village and princess inspired dresses for her Belle obsessed daughter using the Jasmine bodice for both. She lengthened the Freesia skirt for the gown, creating a scalloped edge. Elise paired the blue dress with an Apple Berry top and created a self-drafted off-shoulder removable sleeve. The tulle skirt and shoulder piece is removable, allowing for easier playtime and washing!

Fabric: tulle, crepe, chiffon, quilters cotton, rib knit (JoAnn)


Rapunzel (Tangled)

What a beautiful Rapunzel costume by Laura Bardel (@Laura_bardel7)! She modified Marigold to create the corset front, and used ribbon on the sleeves. She used Dandelion to create the skirt with an curved outer layer and regular inner layer.

Fabric: satin (JoAnn)


Bec Smith (@twice_loved_creations) created this beautiful Rapunzel dress for for Tash Chrismas (@peonypatterns) using the Honeysuckle bodice with Hyacinth sleeves.

She sewed ribbon on to give a corset style on the front and finished it with gold trim. The skirt is three layers, cotton, soft tulle and a beaded tulle for the top layer. She added gold trim down the sides to give it a Princess feel.

Fabric: Cotton, netted tulle, beaded tulle, satin ribbon and gold trim/lace

The Little Mermaid (Ariel)

Ariel is Melissa Smale (@threelittesaplings_newborns)'s daughter's favorite character right now, so creating a costume for her was a MUST! (From that grin, we're pretty sure mom fulfilled the brief!). She used Ivy as the bodice base and straps, Banksia for the light purple gathered front bodice, Verbena flutters, and Cerise circle skirt. She also used Cerise as the top skirt and freehanded the front overlay part. The bow on the back is Bluebell in the largest size.

Fabric: broadcloth, quilting cotton (Hobby Lobby, JoAnn); red jewel (Etsy)

Jodie Pascoe for Sarah Guidry Riche (@noraclairehandmade

Jodie once again delivered on costumes this year! For this Ariel ballgown dress, she used the Jasmine bodice and added size 12 Myrtle sleeves to a size 3 bodice. It was crazy, but it worked! She found the organza very difficult to work with, but if she somehow forgets and uses it again in the future... she recommends ironing interfacing onto any bodice seams that will be hidden inside the seam allowance to prevent fraying and pulling in the seam. Because Jodie is extra amazing, she also embroidered the organza with metallic thread! This was very difficult and next time she plans to use regular floss instead! While she had a bit of trouble making this costume, I think we can all agree that it's stunning and well worth the effort!

Fabric: organza, satin


Candice Schoffstall (@sewingforwildflowers) created this darling Ariel costume for her daughter using the Lily dress pattern and added the purple sweetheart overlay and back piece. We love how it turned out! 

Sleeping Beauty

Tammie Schaefer (@sewing_4_sanity) created a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty costume for her fairytale loving daughter! She used Ivy for the bodice, replacing the elastic with a snap back, and added a little point to the front. She lengthened the Freesia double circle skirt and added the free inseam pocket. She self drafted the little side poufs and the collar.


Cathy French's (@missybugboutique) daughter wanted a Sleeping Beauty dress for the past 2 years so she was extremely excited for this sew! To create this look she used the Honeysuckle pattern and the maxi dress measurements from the Dandelion dress. She self drafted a collar and included a shorter dark pink satin section on the skirt.

Fabric: satin, tulle, embellishments (Spotlight); vintage lace



Ruth (@ohh-sew-chloe-zakk) created a show-stopping child Maleficent costume for her daughter, since she wanted something a bit scary and grown up for Book Week at school. She used Jasmine without the frill curving the bodice upwards to give a slight high low look to the dress. She also made the sleeves with a simple elastic cuff. 

Fabric: leatherette (Spotlight)


Amber Campbell (smileysuestudio) created an amazing Sleeping Beauty family costume for her kids and niece! She used a mix of patterns as her base for each of these outfits:

Briar Rose - Baby Honeysuckle with an overlay for the corset, self drafted collar, and lengthened skirt.

Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather - Camellia with no collar, Daisy, and Myrtle sleeves with tulle added to the skirt.

Maleficent - Marigold bodice and Juniper tiered maxi length skirt.

Fabric: cotton woven (Missouri Star Quilt Company); satin, lace (JoAnn)

Katy Duarte (@mini.meck.handmade)'s 3-year-old requested a Maleficent costume too! She used Ivy with a high-low hem trimmed with feathers.

Fabric: Kona cotton, mesh (JoAnn), feather trim (Amazon)

Snow White

Lucy James (@LucyinSeattle)'s little one has been trying to sing along to all the Snow White songs before she could even talk! Naturally, Lucy had to turn her daughter into her favorite princess! Lucy used the Honeysuckle bodice and skirt with Camellia sleeves. She cut out the sleeves two sizes larger and added the red velvet insets. The collar is made from the Honeysuckle ruffle, heightened a bit and stitched along the sides and back. The tulle overskirt was based on Powderpuff, but she used a snap closure for ease of wear. The hairbow is a size large Bluebell, without the tails. Lucy found this dress fun to make! The most complicated part was the sleeves, but instructions were pretty easy to find with a Google search.

Fabric: blue and red velveteen, blue flower lace, tulle, white satin, dupioni, red Kona cotton.

Maria Luísa Santos (@3emlinha) also created a Snow White costume for her granddaughter! I'd never seen a pant suit version for a Disney princess, but it's so practical, especially for tweens!

Maria lengthened the Lilac Shorts into pants, and hacked Periwinkle into a top. She shortened the width of the sleeves, forgetting to account for the stripe seam allowance, so they're not quite as puffy as she'd originally intended. We just love how this turned out, and the fit on the pants is just beautiful! (Check our FB group for a view of the back!).

Fabric: Linen, jersey, red cotton lycra

Becky Taylor (@Georgia_kates) always makes beautiful costumes and this year's was no exception! She created the entire dress using Hyacinth with a button back. Becky found a YouTube tutorial to help create the sleeves. The tulle underskirt is separate to the rest of the dress for easy washing!

Bettina Marchetto (@DarlingMiaDesigns) also created a beautiful Snow White dress for her daughter! She used the Camellia dress with Myrtle sleeves. 

Fabric: quilting cotton (JoAnn)

We'd love to see whatever DIY creations you come up with using our patterns, so please share them in our Facebook group or Instagram! It's always so wonderful seeing everyone's creativity - whether you're a total beginner or a pro! And don't forget to take advantage of our SALE! Get 30% OFF all patterns until September 11, 2022. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see more amazing Disney inspired outfits!

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