Creating a Sharp Corner

Posted by Natasha Chrismas on

Hi everyone! It's Hanny from iCutie. The Poppy dress is currently my favorite pattern to use, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite tips with you to make your sewing process easier!! Today, I'll show you an alternative method to get perfectly sharp corner every time!

Fold the seam allowance toward the back lining, create a sharp corner like so.

Flip it over, this is what it should look like.

Hold the fold down with your 2 fingers. Your thumb should be outside, while your other finger is between the main and lining.

Turn it inside out

The corner will now look like this. 

Use a pin or safety pin or your needle to gently pull the corner out.

Take it to the ironing board, give it a good press and there you have it! A perfect corner!

Enjoy your sewing - Hanny

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