Tips for working with Rayon!

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Living in Australia in summer can be HOT! When I saw that Riley Blake Designs had bought out a range of rayon fabrics, I was very keen to try them out. Rayon is so nice and cool and swishy to wear! It can be slightly more tricky than your standard cottons to work with, so I have included some tips in this blog post that may make it easier for you.

This particular print (Dahlia Grenadine) was designed by Corri Sheff, its 100% rayon challis and is quite lightweight. It's ultra drapey with a very smooth hand, I cant tell you how buttery soft it is!!  It was perfect for this Jasmine dress I made for Ellie.



  • Always pre-wash rayon first, it has a higher shrinkage rate and its important to give it a wash first. The last thing you want it to cut and sew your garment and then after a wash have it not fit the way you would like.

  • When you are cutting rayon, always make sure you are using a fresh rotary blade or very sharp scissors. Pattern weights and sharp pins are your friend when cutting too, you don't want this fabric to move around or to snag!

  • If you are using scissors to cut the rayon, it can be helpful to lay an old sheet or cotton fabric underneath the fabric when cutting, it helps it stay in place and not slip. Just be sure its a fabric you don't mind snipping just in case! 

  • Use a new, finer needle, such as a number 9. Ensuring the needle is new and sharp means you wont snag the fabric. Use a slightly smaller stitch than your usual stitch length (I like to use size 2).

  • When pressing rayon, lift and press the iron rather than smooth the iron around over the fabric, to prevent it from stretching out.

Happy Sewing!


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