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Hi, Its Amber Campbell here from @smileysuestudio

Have you just fallen in love with the sweet shoulder ties of the Maple dress? Well, I know I sure have! I instantly knew the pattern needed to be hacked into a bow as the perfect accessory to compliment Maple or all our Peony Pattern creations. However, we decided to take it one step further and take some of the guesswork out of pattern hacking for you, so we have drafted pattern pieces for you. Click HERE to download the FREE pattern pieces.

The Maple Bow includes 4 pattern sizes: Baby, Small, Medium and Large. It can be worn in many different ways by attaching it to a clip, headband, hair tie or whatever your creative self desires!  

How to construct the Maple Bow:

  • After you download your free pattern pieces, print and cut out your desired size. Cut 2 main bow pieces on the fold. You can cut 2 pieces using the same fabric or  choose to use 2 coordinating fabrics for a different look.

  • Fold both pieces in half, right sides together and press to create a memory crease. Unfold.

  • Using a removable sewing marker, mark 1/2” (1.3cm) on either side of the fold.

  • Place the 2 main pieces right sides together. Pin or clip in place. 

  • Sew using a 1/4” (6mm) seam allowance. Making sure to leave the 1” (2.5cm) gap marked earlier unsewn to allow for turning. Tip: For a neater finish, reduce the stitch length when sewing the curves. 

  • Clip the all curves, being careful not to clip through any stitching. Alternatively, pinking shears may be used. Do not clip the seam allowance at the 1” gap. 

  • Turn the bow right side out and press. Be sure to tuck in the raw edges from the gap used for turning.

  • Optional: Topstitch using an 1/8” (3mm) seam allowance around the entire edge of the bow. 

    • If attaching the bow to a clip or headband, tie the bow into a knot. To attach a clip to the bow, slide the clip through the underside of the knot.


    • If you are planning to attach the bow to a hair tie, it can be knotted directly on to the hair tie. 


    I cannot wait to see how you choose to accessorise with the Maple Bow. Be sure to share in Peony Patterns Sewing Group on Facebook and elsewhere on social media using the hashtags #PeonyPatternsMapleBow #PeonyPatterns 

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