Peony Patterns Costume Party 2023 - Day 4 - Cartoons, Anime & Video Games

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We're back with another day of incredible costumes from the amazing sewing team at Peony Patterns! I'm Nat from Auschick Sews blog, and I can't wait to share today's roundup of incredible Halloween, Book Week, Dress Up and Cosplay costumes!

Today, I'll be sharing costumes representing characters from all your favorite cartoons, comics and anime shows! If you missed yesterday's projects, check out our Disney Princesses over here

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(P.S. we have lots more photos in the Peony Patterns Facebook Group!)

The Flintsones

Meet the Flintstones! Family costumes are so much fun, and Jessica (@mcmamamade) did such a great job with these ones for both her boys and girls! Jessica loves any chance she gets to introduce her four kids to “vintage” TV!

Patterns: Wilma: Vetiver, Nettle (Wilma); Mimosa, Plumera, Violet (Betty); Ginger (Fred); Tigerlily (Barney Rubble) 

Fabric: cotton Lycra knit (Fabric Wholesale Direct)


Grace Elliot (@craftadon) created this fabulous Eevee inspired costume for her daughter! Her family loves the creativity and fun of Pokemon and love that the trainers take such good care of their tiny fighters!

Patterns: Wattle, Vetiver, Peach

Fabric: Organic Cotton/Spandex French Terry in Sequoia (ISeeFabric)

Mario Brothers

With the release of the new Mario Brothers movie, many of our testers decided to pick Princess Peach for their costume this year! Each one is so different and creative!

Heather (@fletchercustomsewing) made an adorable Princess Peach for her daughter who's been asking for a costume since the movie came out! 

Pattern: Myrtle, Juniper, Dandelion, Calendula

Fabric: Satin (JoAnn Fabric)

Amanda Xu (@runaway_poodle) loves Princess Peach because she wears pink and kicks butt! We're here for it!

Patterns: Dahlia, Myrtle

Fabric: Glitter tulle (JoAnn Fabric), pink flower chiffon, sequin mesh, with cotton base (thrift store)

This glamourous version of Princess Peach is by Kandice Denmark (@sewkandice). Her little one loves all things pink and princess, so when she saw the new Mario movie with her brothers, Princess Peach became an instant favorite!

Patterns: Dahlia, Myrtle sleeve with Hydrangea cuff, Mimosa skirt

Fabric: satin (JoAnn Fabrics)


Worarat Robertson (@Sewinglover2019) made this delightful Bluey costume for her daughter Ava! We can see how much she loves it!! 


Patterns: Verbena, Tigerlily

Fabric: cotton (Hobby Lobby)

DC Superhero Girls

We love this Harley Quinn costume by Annie Feore (@lovefromannie.f)! The ability to combine fabrics and accessories to create a character is such a fun thing to do and Annie loves how the metallic spandex really added a superhero look to the costume!

Patterns: Peach (leggings), Posie, Lantana, Apple Berry tee, Marigold (dress) 

Fabric: Metallic Spandex (Boo! Designs), Harlequin check (Spotlight Australia), Tencil (Darn Cheap Fabrics)

Mickey & Friends

Two of our testers created some adorable Mickey & Friends costumes, with a Minnie Mouse and a Daisy Duck! 

Stephanie Wegner (@stephiwegs) is headed to Disneyland for her daughter's golden 8th birthday, and she wanted to match Minnie Mouse at the parks! This will definitely be a memorable birthday!

Patterns: Daisy bodice, Petunia sleeves, Mimosa skirt, Nutmeg collar

Fabric: Cotton woven and tulle (Oh So Pretty!)

Noel Tierney (@noeltierney24) turned her daughter into the most delightful Daisy Duck, complete with tail in the back! Noel's family are huge Disney fans! They love the classic fab five and her daughter Ireland’s favorite colors are purple and pink. She loves all the ruffles and ribbons.

Patterns: Gardenia, Rosemary, Wisteria, Poppy, Lily

Fabric: imperial broadcloth, sheen sateen and silk satin ribbon (Farmhouse Fabrics)


Well, that's it for today! Be sure to check back again tomorrow for our final collection - incredibly creative historical, whimsical, and traditional halloween costumes!

We'd love to see whatever DIY creations you come up with using our patterns, so please share them in our Facebook group or Instagram! It's always so wonderful seeing everyone's creativity - whether you're a total beginner or a pro! And don't forget to take advantage of our SALE! Get 30% OFF all patterns until September 11, 2023.

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