Peony Patterns Costume Party 2022 - Movies, Fairytales & More! - Day 1

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IT'S COSTUME PARTY TIME AT PEONY!!!! I'm Nat from Auschick Sews blog, and I'm so excited to present our second collection of incredible Halloween, Book Week, Dress Up and Cosplay costumes this week! (You can check out our 2021 collection of costumes starting with this post!). 

Today, I'll be sharing costumes sewn by our talented group of Peony Patterns Testers, representing characters from all your favorite movies, fairy tales, nursery rhymes AND a very recognisable historical figure!

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(P.S. we have lots more photos in the Peony Patterns Facebook Group!)

So, settle yourself in with a cuppa (translation: coffee/tea), and let's kick this party off, shall we?! 

Marie Antoinette

Jodie Pascoe (@clementineperiwinkle) really blew us away with her incredible Marie Antoinette dress! And how fabulous is her model?! We just love how she threw herself into this character and made it her own! 

Jodie used a heavily modified Juniper bodice (with Gardenia armscye and shoulder slope and a square neck), Gardenia sleeves, and Juniper maxi skirt.

She used a heavy jacquard from Ali Express and a beautiful vintage blue linen from Dizzy Daisy, the chiffon pettiskirt from Home Textiles and she made the hoop cage from poly cotton and water piping from the hardware store. 

Jodie recommends using heavy duty needles and having loads of patience and muscles, because this dress got very heavy! She also suggests pleating rather than gathering jacquard fabrics.

A League of Their Own

Jodie Pascoe (for Tash Chrismas) @peonypatterns created this super fun Rockford Peach Player costume (Jodie couldn't stop at just 1 costume!) The dress has a heavily modified Lantana bodice - she overlapped the bodice, shortened the collar, and added plain cuffs to the sleeve. She used the Freesia skirt. She recommends ironing on the transfer decal AFTER you sew the dress to ensure it's in the correct position.

Fabric: Basic prima homespun in pale pink (Spotlight)


The Wizard of Oz

Laura Perez (@laurabethperez) instantly thought of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she saw the Verbena dress pattern! (And how appropriate that she even had the Toto dog to match!). She sewed lengthened straps over the top of the bodice and added faux buttons. Laura used Camellia for the white dress and altered the collar by using the sleeve band ruffle for the collar and omitting the sleeve ruffles. 

Fabric: Cotton

Angie Chia (@pocketful_of_rainbows88) sewed this adorable Tin Man for her daughter! "A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others". She was struck by his bravery and the fact that despite being without a heart, the Tin Man shows a lot of sensitivity to the plight of others. She mostly used the Ivy dress modified to a sweetheart neckline, adding in the Clementine shoulder straps, some self drafted sleeves, and an applique heart. She used Jodie's tulle skirt tutorial to create the underskirt.


Tip from Angie: Cutting tulle is tricky when you need to do it lengthwise. A good trick is to roll your tulle evenly lengthwise using an empty shoe box until the whole length is done. Slowly and carefully slide the box out, ensuring that the edges are still even and cut to length.

Fabric: Kona Sheen, Kona Cotton (2Quilters); tulle, pongee lining (Teng Joo Textiles, Singapore) 


Megan Todd (@texasgirlmeetsworld) created an adorable clown costume for her little one using the Posie dress. She went up one size for a more oversized look. Fabric: cotton woven (JoAnn)



Little Red Riding Hood

Rachel Moyer's (@toomuchpms) daughter chose Little Red Riding Hood, the dress pattern, and the fabric! Periwinkle was the perfect knit pattern for her sweet girl with a sensory processing disorder. The dress is so comfortable that she wants to wear it for other occasions - a huge win! 

Fabric: Knit Swiss Dot (Threadbear Textiles)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Kara Doiron (@Karascolourfulcreations) created the most adorable Baby Bear and Goldilocks for her children!! 

For Baby Bear, she used the Buttercup Romper and Waratah Bonnet (discontinued), adding on self drafted ears and mitts. She used Camellia for Goldilocks, omitting the sleeve ruffles. She added a Powerpuff Pettiskirt underneath for volume, and a Verbena apron over the top (omitting the back waistband and skirt).

Fabric: upcycled denim skirt, sherpa, cotton eyelet, plaid seersucker

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Kathleen Reau (@lifewiththereaus) created this sweet little Marigold dress for her Mary Had a Little Lamb costume! The dress is modified to have a 3" hem, and has a Powderpuff pettiskirt underneath. Kathleen loves that this dress can be worn over and over again too!

Fabric: Off White Imperial Batiste (from her great grandma!), Light Pink Baby Corduroy (from her mom - originally bought to make Kathleen a dress as a toddler!)


My jaw dropped when I saw Chelsey C. (@c_csews)'s mushroom costume!!! So simple and effective! She lives in an area surrounded by the woods, and her kids love looking for mushrooms in their yard and the woods.

Patterns: Sage with lace added at the waist and each ruffle tier. The mushroom hat is a combination of cardboard and fabric scraps!

Fabric: Kona Cotton in Parchment (JoAnn), red flannel, batting, white Cotton Lycra scraps

Sabrina Spellman (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Annie Feore (@lovefromannie.f) loved the idea of making a non black witch’s dress for her daughter to wear for Halloween and was inspired by the red costuming throughout the series. She used Wattle for her dress, adding a faux placket to the front bodice piece and embellishing with some buttons and a lace collar. 

Fabric: stretch velvet (Spotlight); lace collar (Shine Trimmings and Fabrics)

Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)

Sarah C. (@sarahbethsquared) used Sage to create this adorable Winifred dress! She opted for snaps on the back, and the bodice and skirt were cut from different colors to mimic the Hocus Pocus dress.

Fabric: Stretch velvet (JoAnn), trim (Hobby Lobby)

Fancy Witch 

Gynell Rock made a Fancy Witch for her granddaughter using the Jasmine bodice and sleeves with the Marigold skirt. She added a panel insert to the front.

Fabric: Witching Hour collection (JoAnn)


Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family)

What a great little actress Emily Hartman (@Emily_sews_stuff)'s 8 year old is! She decided to be Wednesday after watching their local high school’s production of The Addams Family Musical last spring. And bonus - come Thanksgiving, she plans to wear it as a Pilgrim costume!

Pattern used: Lantana with collar extended, waistband omitted, skirt fullness removed, and sleeve fullness reduced.

Fabric: Quilting cotton (JoAnn)


Brandi Jones' (@mrsjonesyb) girls are obsessed with fairies, so she made unique costumes for each daughter - a peacock fairy, rainbow fairy, and pink princess, all using the Myrtle dress pattern. 

She added a tulle overlay and gathered the main skirt first then the tulle and then sewed the tulle to the top of the main skirt. Brandi recommends Microtex needles and patience for this project!

Fabric: cotton lining for top and skirt, sequin fabric for the top and tulle for the bottom. (JoAnn).



Well, that's it for our first day!! Be sure to check back again every day this week for more wonderful creativity from our talented team! Tomorrow's collection of cartoon, comic and anime inspired costumes are bound to inspire you!

We'd love to see whatever DIY creations you come up with using our patterns, so please share them in our Facebook group or Instagram! It's always so wonderful seeing everyone's creativity - whether you're a total beginner or a pro! And don't forget to take advantage of our SALE! Get 30% OFF all patterns until September 11, 2022.



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