How to Create Hem Free Flutters on your Poppy Dress!

Posted by Heather Chisolm on

Poppy is a gorgeous beginner friendly sewing pattern. In this blog I’ll share with you a way to cut your flutter on the fold, omitting the need to hem it. The only thing you will need to do this is  a little more fabric. Just double the amount per the fabric requirements chart.  

Print the Poppy pattern per instructions. Prior to cutting out the pattern piece for the flutter, a small modification is needed. Using a ruler, draw a line down the straight edge of the flutter 1/2” (1.3cm) from the edge. We will be removing this portion (which is the seam allowance) of the pattern piece to create a new pattern piece.

Mark the straight edge to be cut on the fold.

Cut the fabric flutter pieces on the fold. With wrong sides together, press the flutter in half to create a sharp crease. This ensures the raw edges match up perfectly and the flutter will sit nicely. Along the curved edge, sew two rows of gathering stitches through both layers of fabric.  

Gather the flutter and attach the gathered edge to the front bodice.


Complete the bodice and remainder of the dress as per the tutorial.


I hope this has provided a little bit of “sewspiration”. 


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